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Furnish Your Apartment

Posted in Review by zidni on September 11, 2008

Usually after you have your own apartment, the next things to do is to find some furniture to fill in your room. This is only if you bought the apartment that is not fully furnished, but actually it is better to furnish your own apartment than you let the developer fill your apartment with the same furniture as your neighbor. 🙂

To start your own attempt to furnish your apartment is to browse what kind of furniture that you need and which one you don’t need, you could start by visiting some site, i.e. Shopwiki, that focusing on sell various stuff of furniture. It is better to start from your bed room, do you need simple style of bed room or classical style based on Europe style.

After the bed room then your kitchen and living room. Kitchen and living room are two important things for young couple, especially for those who already have a child. Always adjust your furniture to the space that you have, you don’t want to bring the Victorian kitchen in your two bed room apartment. 🙂

Then, if you have some space in outdoor, don’t forget to make the green garden, it is important to make our world green, at least in our home. After those search, you could start to match your need and your space, and also your budget you could start to draw and make your home sweet home come true. The last thing, if you want to makes your own furniture style, you could build your own workshop tools.

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